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“A major discovery.” —Mojo

“Lisa takes us out of our comfort zone and plants us in a garden of England we didn’t know was there, but it’s one we’d like to explore further.” —BBC Radio 3

“Knapp’s unique voice is earthy, elfin and breathlessly mischievous all at once, proving beyond doubt that, whether with self-penned or traditional material, she is an innovator and creative artist par excellence.” —The Living Tradition

Raised in South London playing classical violin while listening to ‘hip-hop,’ Lisa Knapp’s music has evolved into a unique sound of an angelic folk voice that is somehow light and powerful at the same time with delicate yet catchy acoustics that will leave the listener in a trance. Her first album Wild and Undaunted did new and surprising takes on traditional English tunes. In an area where traditional music is not main stream, Knapp’s music was able to break that barrier by getting rotations on BBC Radio 1, Radio 2 and Radio 3. This type of success for a new artist, let alone in a specific genre, is nearly unheard of. Since then, Knapp has gone on to be nominated for BBC2’s Folk Awards and has received Mojo’s ‘Folk Album of the Year.’ After a long hiatus following the success of her first album, Knapp’s second album, HIDDEN SEAM, comes highly anticipated and is expected to be full of many more musical revelations that will only build on her already esteemed musical foundation.


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