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Featuring songs by band members Luboš Malina and Luboš Novotny, as well as songs by John Fogerty, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, Tom Waits, and Peter Rowan.


"Druha Trava formed in 1991 in the Czech Republic and is probably the most successful bluegrass band to emerge and survive out of Europe.  Their eighth CD, Good Morning, Friend, is a cultural treat for anyone interested in hearing how this talented band interprets songs from the likes of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, John Fogerty, and Kris Kristofferson with bluegrass instruments plus the occasional harmonica, whistle, and clarinet.  Vocalist Robert Krestan’s gravelly bass voice is not exactly a high-lonesome bluegrass tenor, but carries these tunes in perfect English with passion and feeling.  Druha Trava has a unique sound that crosses musical boundaries." — The Black Rose Acoustic Society

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