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If bluegrass is the point at which jazz rhythms, blues inflections, Scotch-Irish fiddle tunes, and Appalachian ballads intersect, The Other Side of the Mountain is the place where all of those influences are tossed into the air and reassembled on their way down. While the tracks on this illuminating new compilation draw from bluegrass music in different ways, what they have in common is the same adventurous spirit that was present at the founding of bluegrass music - ­ a spirit of innovation as well as the freedom of not being limited by any one musical source.

Features performances by Alison Brown (w/Vince Gill), Victor Wooten (w/Bela Fleck), Drew Emmitt & Peter Rowan, Matt Flinner, David Grier, Todd Phillips, NewGrange (Tim O’Brien, Mike Marshall, Darol Anger, Todd Phillips, Philip Aaberg, and Alison Brown) and more.

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