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Old Blind Dogs have become one of the most in-demand traditional groups performing today. Accolades have included comparisons to legendary Celtic acts the Bothy Band and the Battlefield Band. Fit?, their second release on Green Linnet, is a dynamic blend of six instrumental and six vocal tracks, including Robert Burns’ "Is There For Honest Poverty" and the pub anthem "Tatties and Herrin." Jim Malcolm’s vocal work establishes him as one of the finest interpreters of Scottish song recording today. Rory Campbell’s pipes and Jonny Hardie’s fiddle mix with the modern rhythm section of bassist Buzzby McMillan and Fraser Stone on percussion to create an exciting neo-traditionalist sound. Together, Old Blind Dogs take Celtic music to a fresh new level while retaining a tradition steeped in centuries of Scottish folklore and history.

Fit?: 1: term used for "what?" in Doric, the dialect of northeast Scotland. Often used as an expression of disbelief. 2: Greeting: "How are you?"


"Old Blind Dogs bring freshness and color to acoustic music steeped in centuries of Scottish folklore and history."
- The Los Angeles Times

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