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Hacia El Amor is breathing, pulsating contemporary expression: a fete of drums and voices in a vital musical adaptation and interpretation of an evolving tradition. Produced by Latin Jazz innovator, historian and percussionist John Santos, and featuring a guest cast of Latin greats, (Cachao, Orestes Vilato, Chocolate, Francisco Aguabella, Roberto Borrell and Anthony Carrillo), the album presents a fusion of both religious and secular Afro-Cuban traditions.

Yoruba liturgical music such as bata and guiro are presented side by side with rhythms associated with rhumba and Cuban carnaval, like the yambu, guaguanco, guarapachangueo, colombia, and conga de comparsa. The result is vibrant, uplifting, uncompromising music that reflects the passions and concerns of the communities in which it thrives.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Coro Folklorico Kindembo is made up of vocalists and musicians from many different generations and backgrounds. The title track (which translates as "Towards Love") presents the overlying theme of this album -- bridging all differences of religion, age, language and rhythm.

Artists: John Santos, Francisco Aguabella, Israel Lopez (Cachao), Alfredo Armenteros (Chocolate), Roberto Borrell, Orestes Vilato, Anthony Carrillo, Harold Muniz, Michael Spiro, Mario Abruzzo, Sekou Heath, Carlinhos Goncalves, Bill Ortiz, Javier Navarrette, Maribel Garcia-Soto, Rebeca Mauleon-Santana, Willie Ludwig, Felix "Fito" Reinoso, Ismael Rodriguez, Reynalda Nunez, Iluminado Maldonado, Judith Berlowitz, Sal Nunez, Lakiba Pittman, Maiti Rodriguez, Gladys "Bobi" Cespedes, David Belove

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