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Reissue of Kevin Welch’s classic 1999 album on the Dead Reckoning label. Featuring Bekka Bramlett, Isaac Freeman, Mike Henderson, Kieran Kane, Fats Kaplin, David Rawlings, Harry Stinson, Gillian Welch, Charlie White and Glenn Worf.

Kevin Welch’s music combines the best traditions of folk music and story-telling, while drawing from musical styles of country, blues, and rock. Originally released in 1999, Kevin’s fourth solo album, Beneath My Wheels, features more of the expansive songwriting for which he has become known in alt-country and folk circles. Stand-out tracks like “Everybody’s Gotta Walk," “Beneath My Wheels,” and “Full Moon Over Christiania” weave folk, country, and rock together, telling compelling stories of love and life.


“The dazzling songwriting and masterful balance of artfulness and soulfulness that Kevin Welch served up on his first three albums—1990’s self-titled debut, 1992’s Western Beat, and 1995’s Life Down Here on Earth—have made him a cult figure among connoisseurs of cutting-edge country songwriting. Along the way, Welch’s vivid originals have been covered by everyone from Waylon Jennings and Roger Miller to Ricky Skaggs and Trisha Yearwood. Nineteen ninety-nine’s Beneath My Wheels, his first album in four years, is nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s also a reminder of the great music that often results when an eminently gifted artist takes off the commercial blinders of country radio and simply follows his noblest instincts. In Welch’s case, these instincts run from `70s-style California country-rock to hardcore blues-gospel to searing blues-rock (Mike Henderson’s electric lead work is a driving force throughout). No doubt quite a few of these songs will be plundered by far less imaginative name-brand artists, but why bother hearing greatness second-hand when you can go right to the source?” - Bob Allen,

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