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One of the most groundbreaking bands on the world music scene, Tarika’s re-issue of 1994’s Bibiango approaches the folk music traditions of their native Madagascar with an eye towards the future.

Tarika—a groundbreaking group on every level: a world music ensemble fronted by women (sisters Hanitra and Noro); a folk group with the drive and intensity of a rock band; and a Malagasy group that cross blends regional music styles, instruments and rhythms. Tarika has, in many ways, become synononymous with the music of Madagascar. Throughout their career, Tarika has received international acclaim and topped World Music Charts in the USA, Japan and Europe with their hypnotic mix of roots and contemporary styles. With Bibiango, Tarika has expanded the line-up of five members and taken all the chemistry and excitement of the previous albums to new heights. The music contains infectious melodies, buoyant grooves, tight harmonies, exotic instrumentation and an aural attack that has been described as “virtuoso traditional music with the energy of punk rock.”

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