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Singer-songwriters Donna Simpson, Vikki Thorn, and Josh Cunningham make up Australia’s folk-rock band The Waifs. Their 2002 radio smash “London Still” was followed by a tour with Bob Dylan and ARIA Awards including Best Independent, and Best Blues And Roots Release. Each album they record—from 1996’s self-titled debut to 2008’s acclaimed sundirtwater—has found The Waifs maturing as writers and performers.

TEMPTATION is a collection of 10 songs that presents a rich tapestry of melancholy parental laments, gospel pleas, “sweet as summer” love ditties and odes to addiction and marriage. The album is glazed with the unmistakable harmonies of Donna and Vikki, driven by Josh on all things stringed, along with long time rhythms section, musical partners Dave Macdonald (drums) and Ben Franz (bass).

“Traditionally recording has been stressful for us, we have three writers and rarely a collective vision. Maybe we have grown up a bit, learned a little patience and respect. This time the recording experience felt very relaxed and everything flowed. This album is less disparate than some of our previous albums. As if by moving, literally, so far from each other, our music has come back together. We have found our sound, our voices, our rhythms again and rediscovered our love for playing it.” —Vikki Thorn

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