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Map of the World

One of the busiest and most-requested vocalists on the competitive Los Angeles studio scene, Kate Markowitz has recorded and performed with such luminaries as James Taylor, Shawn Colvin, k.d. lang, Lyle Lovett, Billy Joel, and many, many others. While she is best known to industry insiders...more



A native of Los Angeles, singer and songwriter Kate Markowitz has a voice you’ve likely heard – whether you know it or not. As one of the most in-demand session vocalists on the immensely competitive L.A. scene, she has toured and recorded with the likes of James Taylor, Shawn Colvin, k.d. lang, Warren Zevon, Randy Newman, George Benson, and others. A Map of the World is the first release to focus on her immense gifts as a lead vocalist, songwriter, and frontperson. Long-awaited and a lifetime in the making, A Map of the World tempers Markowitz’s years of experience with the palpable thrill of her discovering her own unique voice and vision.

Music was in the air as Kate was growing up. Her father lead his first big band when he was only 16, meeting her mother (a half-English/half-Japanese artist) in Paris while studying music and jamming in the vibrant club scene there. After living in Paris for five years, they settled in Los Angeles, where Kate and her brother were born. Her father became a much-admired composer for film and television, but the early death of her mother (when Kate was a mere 10 years old) cast a pall over her younger days.

Music was Kate’s form of escape from the tumultuous family life following her mother’s death, which she sees as a gift from her father. “I was exposed to so many different kinds of music being around him: jazz, classical, Brazilian, pop… much of my love for music came from him. I would go to his recording sessions when I was a kid and watch him conduct an entire orchestra. He never lost his childlike excitement about it. All the players laughed around him, he was a hep-cat from the jazz era that loved to hear them play…he appreciated them and their talent so much. I would watch him in awe”

Kate’s early immersion into a wide range of musical styles lead to a versatility that made her a valuable contributor to a number of projects when she entered music professionally. That same graceful adaptability is a hallmark of the wonderful A Map of the World, which stands as the debut of Kate Markowitz, freestanding artist. Subtle musical sophistication offset by an endearingly honest and forthright lyrical approach places Map of the World in a proud lineage of classic West Coast adult pop. With special appearances by some of L.A.’s finest musicians (and a few of Kate’s illustrious employers), Markowitz’s debut is a special event – the public unveiling of one of contemporary pop’s best-kept secrets.


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