Compass Artists Take Top Honors at International Bluegrass Awards Show

September 27, 2013
Contact: Emily Amos (615) 320-7672
Compass Records Artists Take Top Honors
at International Bluegrass Music Awards Show
The Gibson Brothers Win Entertainer of the Year Award for 2nd Consecutive Year; Claire Lynch Wins her 3rd Female Vocalist of the Year Award, Frank Solivan Band Members Also Among Winners
 (Raleigh, NC) September 26, 2013 – At the sold-out International Bluegrass Music Awards tonight at Raleigh’s Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts, Compass Records bluegrass artists won seven total awards, including the top prize, the Entertainer of the Year award.
Reigning Entertainers of the Year The Gibson Brothers took the prize for the second consecutive year, as well as awards for Vocal Group of the Year and Song of the Year, with the title track from They Called It Music, which was also nominated for Album of the Year. Eric Gibson also received the Songwriter of the Year award.
“When you pick up a banjo or guitar, you don’t dare let yourself dream about these kind of nights,” said Eric backstage at the close of the award show. “This is culmination of 25 years of putting your heart and soul into something. I’m thrilled to be in it with my brother, and the boys in my band are like my brothers.”  
“When I think of the Entertainer of the Year, I think of Del McCoury,” adds Leigh, “When we were first coming to the IBMAs, Del seemed to just rule that category and to think that folks think that we’re holding up that end of the business—what an honor.” The Gibson Brothers performed “Dying for Someone to Live For” live at the awards show, a Loretta Lynn song from their 2013 release They Called It Music.
Claire Lynch, whose project Dear Sister was also nominated for Album of the Year, took her 3rd Female Vocalist of the Year Award, and Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen band members Mike Munford and Chris Luquette took the prizes for Banjo Player of the Year and Momentum Instrumental Performer of the Year respectively.
Billboard Magazine has touted Compass Records Group as one of the leading independent labels of the past decade. The label group is home to more than 500 releases across the Compass Records, Green Linnet and Mulligan Records imprints with a roster that boasts a variety of artists including The Gibson Brothers, Claire Lynch, Peter Rowan, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Dale Ann Bradley, Michael Cleveland, A.J. Croce, Colin Hay, Victor Wooten, Darden Smith, BeauSoleil, and label co-founder Alison Brown. For more information, visit

Smartygrass Winner Announced

September 20, 2013

Congratulations to Gary L. from Walpole, MA – the winner of the Smartygrass Contest and a VIP pass to FreshGrass this weekend. We look forward to seeing you there!

A.J. Croce Signs With Compass Records

September 20, 2013

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Contact: Emily Amos (615) 320-7672

A.J. Croce Signs to Compass Records
Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Prepares for 2014 Release of Twelve Tales

(Nashville, TN) Sept 19, 2013 – Compass Records is proud to announce the signing of singer-songwriter A.J. Croce. Compass will release his ambitious new album project Twelve Tales in first quarter 2014. Pop and roots music scion Croce, the son of legendary singer-songwriter Jim Croce, has been working on a collection of 12 new songs over the last year, recording two at a time with different legendary producers in cities across the US. Sessions took place in Los Angeles with Tony Berg (Fiona Apple, Bob Dylan) and Mitchell Froom (Crowded House, Los Lobos); in Nashville with the late “Cowboy” Jack Clement (Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash); in Stamford, CT, with five-time GRAMMY-winner Kevin Killen (Elvis Costello, Peter Gabriel); in New Orleans with Allen Toussaint (Dr. John Paul McCartney); and with Greg Cohen (Tom Waits, John Zorn) in New York City. 

“Twelve Tales is turning out to be the most unique and challenging album I’ve made to date,” says Croce of the project. “Each producer brings a new unique dimension, and traveling around the US to record with all these talented players is a real treat. This project is like a musical jigsaw puzzle without a box. I won’t see the full picture until the last song is completed.”

With glowing press from Rolling Stone to The New York Times, Croce crafts Americana, pop, and jazz, into his own bluesy juju, making him an ideal addition to Compass’ diverse roster of roots musicians. He has headlined festivals, concerts and major venues worldwide over his 20+ year career, and has performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Austin City Limits.

Billboard Magazine has touted Compass Records Group as one of the leading independent labels of the past decade. The label group is home to more than 500 releases across the Compass Records, Green Linnet and Mulligan Records imprints with a roster that boasts a variety of artists including Colin Hay, Victor Wooten, Claire Lynch, Altan, Peter Rowan, The Gibson Brothers, Darden Smith, BeauSoleil, Michael Cleveland, and label co-founder Alison Brown. For more information, visit

The Bankesters Find Harmony in Bluegrass and Family on New Album Love Has Wheels

September 04, 2013

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Click to Listen to ’Love Has Wheels’ (link not for publication)
Contact: Emily Amos (615) 320-7672
The Bankesters Find Harmony in Bluegrass and Family on New Album
Sisters Emily, Alysha, and Melissa with Brother-in-Law Kyle Triplett and Parents Phil and Dorene Announce Sept 24th release Love Has Wheels

(Nashville, TN) Sept 5, 2013 – Freshly nominated for the International Bluegrass Music Momentum Award for Group of the Year, the Bankesters have successfully transformed a shared love for singing and playing bluegrass music together into a serious performing outfit.  Now, on their first internationally distributed album Love Has Wheels (Compass 9/24), The Bankesters shine as mature vocalists, instrumentalists, and articulate songwriters. The band will tour this fall with the new album, including performances at IBMA’s World of Bluegrass Festival and a CD release party at Nashville’s Station Inn.
Produced by Alison Brown and including guest appearances from Sierra Hull, Josh Williams, Rob Ickes, Jim Hurst, Kenny Malone, and Larry Atamanuik, The Bankesters show off their bluegrass acumen on the title track and expand their musical boundaries on a playful cover of “When I’m Gone” (also known as “The Cup Song” from the hit film Pitch Perfect), a song whose original copyright belongs to a member of the original family band, A.P. Carter. Other standout tracks include “Found,” a poignant songwriting debut by Melissa originally penned for the non-profit This Able Veteran (an organization that pairs therapy dogs with veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and “Rise Up,” a moving gospel quartet featuring Jim Hurst’s swampy fingerstyle guitar picking.
Click here to watch a special performance of “Time and Love" from the new album. 

Music has always been a family affair for the Bankesters and as the children grew and matured, so did the band. “As dad, I’d been leading the band, but I’ve been trying over the last 2 to 3 years to step back from running everything,” says Phil Bankester. “Everybody gives their input.” Love Has Wheels is all collaboration - from song selection to who sings each part on each track. Though all family members contribute vocals here, they’re also adept instrumentalists in their own right: 2012 IBMA Momentum Vocalist of the Year Emily contributes fiddle and claw hammer banjo, Alysha plays the mandolin and fiddle, and Melissa plays the upright bass. Kyle Triplett is the multi-instrumentalist of the group, playing banjo, guitar, mandolin and tenor guitar parts while Phil and Dorene hold down rhythm guitar and vocal duties.
The family band has always possessed a genetic magic, gifting its members with a mysterious psychic connection and powerful vocal blend. A.P., Sarah and Maybelle Carter, the founding family of country music, had a profound impact in music through their tight mountain-gospel harmonies and signature sound, carried forward in the bluegrass-country-gospel music of the Marshall Family Band and later the Cox Family and continued more recently by The Whites who performed on the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. Love Has Wheels is an album infused with the same familial magic and appeal and places the Southern Illinois-based Bankesters next in line to carry on that family bluegrass band legacy.
Compass Records | 916 19th Ave. S | Nashville, TN 37212
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