Wolfstone - Live-Not Enough Shouting (TB - OBR 01)


"This live set was recorded in early 2000 and features a disproportionate number of selections from Seven Wolfstone's then-most-recent studio album. Nine of the 14 selections herein are from that 1999 offering, Wolfstone's most straightahead rock & roll effort which, not coincidentally, was also their first release since Ivan Drever's departure. That's not to imply that Wolfstone has abandoned their roots; piper Stevie Saint and fiddler Duncan Chisholm still carry this band. However, it's the older songs like "Balivanich," "Gillies," and "Tinny Run" that display an obvious tip of the hat to traditional Scottish music, whereas the newer selections seem to be merely rock songs augmented by pipes and fiddle. Still, this is an energetic set by one of Scotland's finest bands of the '90s," says Dave Sleger.

Track list:
1. Psycho Woman
2. Brave Boys
3. Quinie
4. Gillies
5. Balivanich 
6. Crowfeathers
7. Black Dog
8. John Simmers
9. J-Time
10. Wild & The Free
11. Clueless
12. The Prophet
13. Tinny Run 
14. Maggies

Features: Stuart Eaglesham (vocals, whistling, guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, whistle); Duncan Chisholm (vocals, fiddle, background vocals); Wayne Mackenzi (vocals, bass instrument, background vocals); Steve Saint (whistle, pipes); Tony Soave (drums, percussion).