Paul Brady - Say What You Feel (TB.SWYF)


"Paul Brady’s Say What You Feel stirs the listener the same way David Gray’s White Ladder did on the first time through. Brady’s passionate vocals and musical textures draw you into the stories his songs tell - stories that relate to any walk of life." Jack Barton –FMQB

“It’s easy to understand Brady’s appeal as both a performer and a tunesmith…his voice is infused with a heartfelt passion.” – People Magazine

“Everyone I’ve played this album for,” says Paul Brady of his new album Say What You Feel, “uses the word ‘free’ when commenting on the vocal performances. I think they’re right: I felt completely free making the record, in every way.”

Upon listening to Say What You Feel, it becomes clear that Brady has rediscovered a more spontaneous side of himself, foregoing thick studio production, endless overdubs, and confining click tracks in a return to making music “the old-fashioned way.” Brady’s knack for insightful, soulful compositions - first displayed on classic albums like Trick or Treat and Spirits Colliding – is finally brought to the forefront. Say What You Feel frames an insightful new batch of Brady originals in airy, uncluttered surroundings that allow the songs, along with some of Brady’s most unguarded singing, to shine through clearer than ever.

Track List:

1. Smile
2. Don’t Try To Please me
3. Love In A Bubble
4. I Only Want You
5. Living For The Corporation
6. Say What You Feel
7. Locked Up in Heaven
8. Sail, Sail On
9. The You That’s Really You
10. Doin’ It In The Dark
11. Beyond The Reach of Love
12. The Man I Used To Be