Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
A.J. Croce 09-27-2014 Amsterdam NH NLD Paradiso


A.J. Croce 09-28-2014 Apeldoorm NH NLD De Gigant


Darden Smith 11-08-2014 Rahway NJ USA The Loft


Altan 04-01-2015 Albuquerque NM USA Kimo Theater


Claire Lynch 05-21-2015 Truro NS CAN Marigold Cultural Centre


Justin Currie 09-23-2014 New York NY USA City Winery


David Mayfield 09-27-2014 Huntington NY USA Huntington Arts Festival


A.J. Croce 03-06-2015 Mamaroneck NY USA Emelin Theatre
Larry Stephenson 11-08-2014 Wilmington OH USA Roberts Convention Center


Special Consensus 11-08-2014 Wilmington OH USA Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival
Special Consensus 11-09-2014 Wheelersburg OH USA Living With A Cause Theater
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper 01-16-2015 Fairview OH USA Pennyroyal Opera House


Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper 05-01-2015 Newark OH USA Crossroads Christian Church


A.J. Croce 05-02-2015 Columbus OH USA Woodlands Tavern
John Cowan 10-03-2014 Quapaw OK USA Downstream Casino

on tour as a member of the Doobie Brothers band

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