Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper 02-26-2016 Alameda CA USA Alameda Elks Club
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper 02-27-2016 Morgan Hill CA USA Nite At The Grange
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper 02-28-2016 Burbank CA USA Pickwick Gardens
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper 03-01-2016 Chico CA USA Sierra Nevada Brewery- The Big Room
Mountain Heart 06-12-2016 Ontario CA USA Huck Finn's Jubilee
Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen 06-17-2016 Grass Valley CA USA California Bluegrass Association
Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen 06-18-2016 Grass Valley CA USA California Bluegrass Association
Victor Wooten 12-18-2015 Denver CO USA Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
Claire Lynch 01-15-2016 Glenwood Springs CO USA Glenwood Vaudeville Theatre
Matt Flinner 01-22-2016 Colorado Springs CO USA Black Rose Acoustic Society
Darden Smith 04-08-2016 Denver CO USA Tuft Theater at Swallow Hill
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper 06-03-2016 Preston CT USA Strawberry Park Bluegrass
Pierce Pettis 12-06-2015 Tampa FL USA The Cave
Pierce Pettis 12-10-2015 Jacksonville FL USA Mudville Music Room
Pierce Pettis 2015-12-11 Tallahassee FL USA The Warehouse
Pierce Pettis 2015-12-12 Tallahassee FL USA The Warehouse
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