Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
Mountain Heart 04-22-2016 Nashville TN USA The Station Inn
Frank Solivan 04-23-2016 Bristol TN USA Birthplace of Country Music Museum
Colin Hay 04-23-2016 Plymouth NH USA Flying Monkey Performance Center
Matt Flinner 04-23-2016 Charlottesville VA USA The Prism Coffeehouse series
Colin Hay 04-24-2016 Rockport MA USA Shalin Liu Pac
Mike Farris 04-28-2016 Maryville TN USA Clayton Center for the Arts
Colin Hay 04-28-2016 Milton Keyes En GBR MK11 Live Music
The HillBenders 04-28-2016 Raleigh NC USA Raleigh Convention Center

Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry

Mike Farris 04-30-2016 Clayton NC USA The Clayton Center
Frank Solivan 05-01-2016 Germantown MD USA Black Rock Center for the Arts
Mike Farris 05-01-2016 Aberdeen NC USA The Rooster's Wife
Mike Farris 05-05-2016 Steelville MO USA The Soda Fountain
Colin Hay 05-06-2016 Edinburgh Sc GBR Pleasance Theatre
Mike Farris 05-07-2016 Winchester TN USA International Dogwood Festival
Darden Smith 05-07-2016 Austin TX USA Wyldwood Shows
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