Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
John Cowan 06-16-2016 Telluride CO USA Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Mike Farris 07-10-2016 Telluride CO USA The Ride Festival
The Infamous Stringdusters 10-28-2016 Denver CO USA Fillmore Auditorium
The Waifs 05-04-2016 Ridgefield CT USA The Ridgefield Playhouse
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper 06-03-2016 Preston CT USA Strawberry Park Bluegrass
Alison Brown 08-12-2016 Hartford CT USA Podunk Bluegreass Festival
Mountain Heart 05-13-2016 Washingon D. USA The Hamilton
Colin Hay 05-05-2016 Manchester En GBR St. Philips Church
Colin Hay 05-08-2016 Glasgow En GBR Oran Mor
Mike Farris 05-28-2016 West Sussex En GBR Wiston House
A.J. Croce 08-23-2016 London En GBR The Jazz Cafe
Claire Lynch 05-04-2016 Bietigheim-Bissingen Ge DEU Kelter Bietigheim
Claire Lynch 05-05-2016 Hochstadt Ge DEU Kulturfabrik Fortuna
Claire Lynch 05-06-2016 Aalen Ge DEU Schloss Wasseralfingen
Claire Lynch 05-14-2016 Buhl Ge DEU Buhler Bluegrass Festival
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