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The awesome and unlimited power of three generations of Irish musicians comes together on Three Way Street. Mick Moloney, Eugene O’Donnell, and Seamus Egan -- Philadelphians all -- have done so much to redefine, reshape, and popularize traditional Irish music in America. This recording is much more than a collection of songs and dance music– -- it’s a virtual gazetteer of Irish-American musical history, containing everything from rousing minstrel banjo tunes to dance-hall flings to delicate slow airs. It features the dazzling and superlative instrumental virtuosity of Seamus Egan (equally at home on flute, tenor banjo, uillean pipes, tin whistle and mandolin), the commanding vocal presence of Mick Moloney (effortlessly making the switch from humorous to serious songs), and the inimitable Eugene O’Donnell (more than ever a master of the slow airs and planxties which are the bane of many a lesser musician). With guest appearances by pianist Donna Long, dancer Regan Wick, guitarist John Doyle, and cellist Michael Aharon, the album includes: "The Sally Gardens," the Colum Sands song "The Man With The Cap," and enough polkas, barn dances, and reels to keep your feet tapping all night!

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