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XENOPHILE GOES JUJU! I.K. Dairo, the undisputed father of modern Juju, Nigeria’s exuberant folk music, returns to the world music stage with an upbeat album of percolating drums, loping guitars, deep-voiced choruses and the unexpectedly bright, warm sound of accordion.

Dairo was Nigeria’s first Juju superstar and an overwhelming influence on two generations of musicians, including King Sunny Ade and Chief Ebenezer Obey.

Forming his first band (the Morningstar Orchestra) over 40 years ago, Dairo forged a modern pop style of sweeping rhythms and hook-filled melodies from Juju’s folksy Yoruba origins, introducing the talking drum and accordion and making the guitar the staple of his new musical hybrid. His band -- the Blue Spots -- could soon be heard throughout Nigeria, at weddings, socials, and on the radio, driving audiences to their feet dancing to the irresistible rhythms.

Although in his 60s, Dairo remains a vital force on the Nigerian music scene, performing with a sparkle and vigor that belie his age. His rich baritone voice is still the finest in Juju, ringing out with all its original range and power.

With rave reviews of his 1991 first American tour, and the release of a retrospective CD of his early hits, there is a renewed interest in the father of Juju. Xenophile is proud to present to the world an exultant new recording by one of Africa’s pivotal musicians.

Artists: Chief I. K. Dairo M.B.E., Oluranti Dairo, Shegun Isaac Okere, Kayode Oladimeji, Joel Olowo-Okere, Tajudeen Amoo Adeleke, Mohammad Shaibu

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