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Recorded live in 1995, Milladoiro's album As Fadas de Estrano Nome captures the band's live energy and musicality throughout a full evening of music. The Galician super-group from the Northwest corner of Spain have embraced many sounds throughout their 25+ year career, and this recording shows when they were perhaps most dedicated to the Medieval Celtic aspect of their Galician heritage.

Rene Varges Vera of La Nacion, described their performance in As Fadas de Estraño as “…a wonderous musical atmosphere, whether [created] by crafting the most incredible timbres, reviving melodies, or by integrating rhythms that transport us to the Middle Ages and Renaissance." The performance transports the listener into a world of mystery, lore, and mythology, a time when change competed with tradition, when minstrels and players entertained at crossroads.

At the time of this recording Milladoiro consisted of Xos V. Fereri's (gaita, oboe, bouzouki, mandolin, pandereta, castanolas, uileann pipes, vocals) Xos A. F. Mendez (flutes) Moncho Garci­a Rei (bodhran, tambourin, darbouka, caixa, and vocals) Rodrigo Romani (Celtic harp, guimbarda, ocarina, guitar, bouzouki, and vocals) Ant'n Seonae (teclados, accordion, acoustic guitar) Antonio Seijo (violin) and Nando Casal (gaita, clarinet, tin whistle, pandereta, and vocals).

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